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Special Events Happen in Threes


So do good things and bad things and every kind of thing in between. It's been a long time since I've been in a big city with lots of excitement and the next place I'm going has a population of 117, so I vowed to soak up all the activity and culture and food and opportunity I can while I'm here. And true to my word, upon arrival in Tucson, I pretty quickly found myself participating in special events with road closures and lots of people.

Vacation Races: Saguaro Half Marathon

Vacation Races are back! This is a tradition with my Colorado running crew for the fourth year now. Even last year, though the race was cancelled, a few of us still went up to Glacier National Park for epic hiking. Running this actual race this year - the inaugural one for Tucson - felt SO good, even though my performance was not great. It was a race with friends and the official start to both the running season and summer. This was a perfect way to kick off my stay in Tucson.

woman running in the desert

two women in the desert under a Tucson sign

COVID-19: Mass Vaccination Site

Arizona opened up vaccines for everyone 16+ years old the week I got here. You've got to be online Friday at 11am to snag a spot as soon as they open for the following week, and I was ready. The next Monday, I pumped a little Pfizer into my body, got my lollipop and sticker, and did a four-mile run that night, no side effects. Let's hope round two is just as easy! 

Well, what I'm really hoping is that Europe will get its act together now that I've got the magic travel card because I really want to head somewhere in August. 

Thanks, Arizona! Really well done at this site on campus: fast, efficient, easy. 


Where's my third special event? I don't know! Anyone have any leads? I'm already halfway through my time here with nothing on the schedule, so if you know of something I should participate in, let me know!