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Signing Off, For Now

Well, I called this blog Virtually in America and not Virtually in the Americas, but as this posts I will have already been living out of the country for three weeks. Since I'm spending this winter in South America, I'm giving this blog a little rest. I have faithfully posted a blog every Sunday for the past 60 weeks and I have a nice little record of this crazy, semi-permanent road trip I've been on. 

But now it's so long, blog. And so long, USA. And so long, Nitro. That's right. After slightly more than 11 years, I have relinquished my beloved clunker SUV. It was pretty tough to give up. I love this car. We have a million memories together. But it's too old to leave in storage for seven months until I need it again. It wouldn't survive in solitary confinement, so it's living on in the hands of another driver.

woman next to a white SUV
While the Nitro may be gone forever, the end of the blog posts is only temporary. I'll be back in the United States in the spring to resume my wandering ways, starting off with a long-overdue return to New York City. Until then, I'll be posting occasionally on my primary blog. Not weekly, but at least the most exciting bits and pieces as I make my way through Ecuador and Argentina. 
woman in front of Quito city sign